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  • Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

  •  [Jilin,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Americas , Asia , Other Markets , West Europe , Worldwide
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  • Certs:ISO9001, CE, FDA, RoHS, TUV
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Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Tech Co Ltd CNI founded in 1996 is a high tech company based on Changchun Institute of Optics Fine Mechanics and Physics of Chinese Academy of Science CNI is dedicated to offer best quality lasers laser systems optical spectrum analyzer teaching and laboratory equipment optical measuring equipment laser processing equipment machine vision and the photoelectric detection etc CNI also design and manufacture precision machinery optical components and optical coating products CNI possesses accountable and dependable service as well as quality products with compact design high reliability excellent performance The products are widely used for scientific...

Categories and Products


UV Laser

20 mw Ultra compact UV laser for experiment Long lifetime UV 360nm laser for DNA sequencing 20 mw 320 nm uv laser for cytometry 150mw 375nm UV laser for medical imaging Short pulse duration 355nm Q-switched marking laser UV 266nm narrow pulse laser for optical instrument 257nm ultraviolet q-switched laser 5mW 261nm CW ultraviolet DPSS laser for Micro-electronics 261nm ultraviolet passively Q-switched pulse laser 5µJ 266nm ultraviolet passively Q-switched pulse laser long pulse duration 266nm Q-switched marking laser 266nm active Q-switch pulse ultraviolet AOM laser 266nm high single-pulse energy Q-switched laser UV 266nm mode-locked picosecond pulsed laser 266nm picosecond all fiber pulsed uv laser 303nm CW ultraviolet DPSS laser for Laser modeling 349nm high stability CW UV solid state laser 349nm passively Q-switched laser with TEC cooling system 351nm 4µJ single pulse energy Q-switched solid laser 351nm acousto optic Q-swithed all-solid-stade UV laser 

Violet Laser

500mw 405nm violet dIode laser for spectrum analysis 350mw 420nm long lifetime laser for communication 350mw 420nm long lifetime violet laser for communication 200mw 405nm diode laser with good beam 

Blue Laser

50mW 488nm blue laser for medical imaging 457nm easy operating solid laser for printing 100mw 473nm bule solid laser for fluorescence excitation 2w 457nm blue laser for optical instrument 10w 457nm solid blue laser for laser display 442nm cost-effectivec diode blue laser for spectrum analysis 150mw 488nm high stability low cost-effective blue laser 473nm solid state laser with high power stability 

Green Laser

1000mw 532nm solid green laser for scientific experiment 1500mw 532nm green laser with good beam profile 532nm solid green laser for experiment 100mw 543nm solid green laser with easy operating Green diode laser at 520 nm for show 532nm Green Laser Diode with high power All Solid State Green Laser at 543nm 532nm Green Laser for laser show green laser at 532nm for alignment LD Pumped Green Solid Laser at 561nm 593.5nm LD pumped slid state yellow laser 

Yellow Laser

800mw 577nm solid yellow laser for medical treatment 300mw 588nm solid yellow laser for optical instrument 800mw 588nm laser for optical sensor and experiment 30mw ultra compact 577mn yellow laser for collimation 3500mw 577nm yellow laser for laser medical treatment 588nm yellow laser for optical sensor 

Orange Laser

100mw 593.5nm orange solid laser for optical instrument 800mw 589nm long lifetime orange laser for measurement 300mw 589nm orange solid laser for scientific experiment 593.5nm 800mw solid orange laser for medical treatment 4500mw 589nm solid orange laser for collimation High stability 589nm yellow laser for eye surgery 

Red Laser

Solid red laser with easy operating for measurement 1000mw 671nm high stability red laser for measurement 721nm ultra compact red laser for spectrum analysis 1000mw 650nm cost-effective red laser for spectrum analysis 5w long liftime 671nm red laser for measurement 

IR Laser

Ultra Compact Laser as Gas Detector Narrow Linewidth 1000mw 1342nm IR laser for optical sensor 300mw 1030nm infrared laser for laser fluorescence 3w Q-switched 1064nm laser with short pulse duration 400mw 1313nmn TEM00 mode solid laser for communication 1000mw 1550nm Infrared Diode laser for spectrum analysis 808nm infrared diode CW solid laser LD Pumped Infrared laser at 1413nm 1550nm infrared diode laser 808nm Semiconductor CW solid laser 808nm IR laser for communication 

Low Noise Laser

650nm low noise laser module for precision measurement 300mw 532nm low noise laser with good seal 200mw 561nm Low noise Yellow Green Laser 300mw 577nm solid laser for laser dispaly 650nm 1000mw red low noise laser for measurement 100mw 721nm low noise red laser for research 1319nm low noise solid stater laser 473nm low noise blue laser 1064nm low noise infrared laser 639nm low noise red laser 532nm low noise green laser 915nm low noise infrared diode 905nm low noise laser with continuous light low noise orange laser at 593.5nm 808nm low noise infrared diode laser 905nm Infrared diode laser with low noise 

Pulsed Laser

266nm pulsed UV laser 660nm red Q-switched pulse laser 355nm Q-swiched Pluse DPSS UV Laser 

Narrow Linewidth Laser

400mw narrow linewidth 457nm blue laser for instrument 1500mw 532nm narrow linewidth laser for digital imaging 300mw 473nm narrow line width laser for instrument 200mw 561nm narrow line width laser for experiment 200mw 589nm narrow linewidth laser for spectrum analysis DPSS/ Diode Narrow linewidth laser Vcsel Laser/ DFB Laser for Gas Detection 473nm low noise blue laser 588nm narrow line width laser with low noise 671nm low noise laser for spectrum analysis 457 low noise blue laser for laser pointing UV narrow linewidth laser at 375/400 450/454nm narrow line width for digital imaging Blue narrow linewidth laser diode Green diode laser with narrow linewidth at 520 Red narrow linewidth diode laser for confocal microscopy 705nm blue diode laser with low linewidth Narrow linewidth diode laser for digital imaging 633nm narrow linewidth laser for flow cytometry 

Single Longitudinal Mode Laser

1313nm solid state single longitudinal mode infrared laser 400mw 457nm single longitudinal blue laser for measurement 532nm solid state single longitudinal laser for interference 589nm solid state single longitudinal yellow laser single frequency laser for holography 473nm SIngle Longitudinal Blue Laser 1064nm single frequency laser 1550nm fiber single frequency mode laser 457nm single longitude mode blue laser 532nm single longitudinal mode green laser 639nm single longitudinal mode red laser 523.5nm Single Longitude Green Laser 556nm Single Longitude Green Laser 561nm Single Longitude Green Laser 526.5nm Single Longitude Green Laser 360nm Single Longitude UV Laser 589nm Single Longitude Yellow Laser 656.5nm Single Longitude Red Laser 660nm Single Longitude Red Laser 671nm Single Longtitude Red Laser 

High Energy Laser

20uJ 532nm laser with high single pulse energy 266nm High Energy Diode Pumped Q-switched Laser UV High Energy Diode Pumped Q-switched Laser 355nm High Energy Pumped Solid State Laser Diode pumped 1064nm high energy laser for LIBS 5mJ 532nm diode pumped high energy laser 200mJ 1064nm high energy lamp pumped Q-switched laser 100mJ high energy 532nm laser without water cooling 200mJ 355nm water cooled Q-switched high energy laser 300mJ 2940nm high energy erbium laser for ranging Green High Energy Q-switched Laser Infrared High Energy Laser 

High Power Laser

532nm high power water cooling LD pumped laser 532nm high power Q-switched green laser 660nm high power red laser for scientific research 1064nm high peak power water cooled laser High Power Q-Switched Laser 589nm high power laser 1064nm high power IR laser 1319nm high power IR laser 532nm high power green laser water cooling solid Q-switched blue laser at 440 

Fiber Coupling Laser

1940nm Infrared Fiber coupled laser system 

Mode Locked Laser

50mw mode locked 266nm for industrial processing 150mw 355nm mode locked picosecond laser for experiment 532nm Mode Locked picosecond laser Mode-locked picosecond pulsed 8W 1064nm laser Mode locked, picosecond pulsed laser 

Fiber Laser

Pulsed 1030nm fiber laser for microelectronics Fiber Laser For Communication Picosecond fiber Pulsed laser Picosecond mode-locked Fiber Laser Picosecond Pulse UV Fiber Laser Picscond pulse green fiber laser Picosecond Pulse IR Fiber Laser High Frequency Pulse Fiber Laser Nanosecond UV Fiber Laser nanosecond Green Fiber Laser Nanosecond IR Fiber Laser Frequency Selecting Fiber Pulse Laser High Power IR Fiber CW Laser Single Frequency IR Fiber Laser 

High Frequency Laser

High frequency 473nm blue laser High frequnency 532nm green laser TTL High frequency 473nm blue laser High frequency modulation Single longitudinal mode laser High frequency 561nm green laser High frequency 532nm green laser 

Long Coherent Laser

30mw 640nm red long coherent laser for photoetching 635nm 30mw long coherent laser for DNA sequencing 10mw 520mn long coherent green laser for holography 445nm long coherent 30mw blue laser for fluorescence 405nm long coherent 50mw laser for raman spectroscopy 400nm Long Coherent Length Diode UV Laser Long Coherent Diode Blue Laser 488nm Long Conherent High Power Diode Blue Laser Long Conherent Diode Blue Laser For Holography Long Conherent Diode Green Laser For Raman Spectroscopy 637nm High Power Long Coherent Diode Red Laser Long Conherent Diode Red Laser For DNA Sequencing 

Lasers For Light Show

4w 520nm green laser for light show 2w Red diode 635nm laser for lighting show 500mw 532nm oem green laser for show 637nm red laser light show outdoor 520nm green laser light show outdoor 4W 447nm oem blue diode laser 

Line Laser

Compact Line Laser for Machine Vision Line Lasers for Machine Vision Economic Line Lasers for Laser Scanning 

OEM Laser Module

Red line laser module at 650nm 5000mw 532nm ome laser module for integrated equipment 5w compact 532nm laser module for easy integration 100mw 473nm ultra compact laser with good sealing 400mw 473nm small size DPSS laser for measurement 18w 532nm OEM laser for collimation and experiment 5w 671nm ultra compact laser for optical instrument 80mw OEM 589nm yellow laser module 589nm OEM Laser Module for Easy Integration 588nm yellow solid low noise laser portable green laser at 532nm with adjustable focus 

Mid Infrared Laser

1000mw 3800nm Mid-Infrared laser for material processing 

Picosecond Laser

Picosecond Diode Laser for absorption spectroscopy 

Laser Application Systems

Laser For Optogenetics & Neuroscience

CNI100mW 473nm Blue laser for optogenetics 635nm 200mW Red Laser For Optogenetics 589nm High Stability Yellow Laser For Optogenetics 473nm High Stability Blue Laser For Optogenetics 532nm High Stability Green Laser For Optogenetics 

Laser For Raman Spectroscopy

405nm compact Violet diode laser for Raman spectroscopy UV Visible Infrared Laser for Raman Spectroscopy 473nm SIngle Longitudinal Blue Laser For Raman Spectroscopy 532nm Single Longitudinal Mode Green laser For Raman Application UV laser for raman spectroscopy at 375nm IR DIODE LASER FOR RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY AT 785/808/830/980nm Visible light laser for raman spectacular Blue Diode laser for Raman Spectroscopy at 445 488nm Blue Diode Laser for Spectral Raman 639nm Diode Laser for Raman Spectroscopy Red Diode Laser for Raman Spectroscopy 

Laser For Particle Image Velocimetry

532nm green PIV laser PIV laser high stability laser Plane Ruled Reflection Grating PIV laser high energy laser PIV laser Diode pumpled laser 532nm Pumped Green Laser For PIV 532nm Green Laser For Particle Image Velocimetry 532nm CW Green Laser For Particle Image Velocimetry 532nm High Power CW Green Laser For Particle Image Velocimetry 532nm CW Green Laser for PIV 532nm Pulse Green Laser For Particle Image Velocimetry 532nm high energy pulse green laser for piv 532nm pulse Green Laser For Particle Image Velocimetry 

Lasers For Holography

639nm single frequency laser for holography 532nm single longitudinal mode laser for holography 360nm Single Longitude UV Laser For Holography 

Laser For Confocal Scanning Microscopy

Laser for Microscopy 488nm blue laser for Microscopy Lasers for confocal Microscopy 

Laser For Lidar Application

Diode pumped 532nm pulsed laser for lidar High energy 532nm solid laser for lidar application Q switched 532nm green laser TTL 1064nm high energy diode pumped Q-switched laser High energy q-switched 1064nm laser for lidar Lasers for lidar-light detecting and ranging 

Laser For LIBS

High energy 1064nm laser for LIBS 1064 Pulse IR Laser For LIBS 1064 Pulse IR Laser For LIBS(1-10mj) 1064nm Pulse IR Mini Laser For LIBS Pulse 1064nm IR Laser For Soil Analysis 1064nm Pulse IR Laser For Metal Analysis 1064nm High Energy IR Laser For Gas Analysis 532nm Q-swiched Green Laser For Liquid Analysis 532nm High Energy Green Laser For Liquid Analysis 

Spectrum Analyzers

Fiber Optic Spectrometer

High resolution Fiber optic Compact Portable Spectrometer High Sensitive Optical spectrometer with easy operation High performance portable optic spectrometer for raman 

Raman Spectrometer

Desktop Raman Spectrometer for Diamond Identification Customized Micro Raman Spectrometer with Adjustable laser High sensitivity Portable Raman Spectrometer for food safety 

Laser Measurement & Safety

Laser Power Meter

Photoelectric Laser Power Meter (Desktop) Laser Power and Power Stability Measurement--Power Meter 

Components & Accessories

Laser Diode

808nm 4w high power laser diode 488nm Cyan 60mw Laser Diode in T056 package TEM00 Mode Diode Laser for scientific experiment 405nm blue TEM00 mode diode laser 

Laser Marking and Engraving

End-pumped Laser Marking System

IR Laser Marking Machine for plastic marking 

Other Laser Marking System

Laser Engraving Machine for Crystal and Glass IR Laser Marking Machine for metal marking UV laser marking machine for plastic marking 

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