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Up-conversion Luminescence

Lasers for Up-conversion Luminescence

Up-Conversion luminescence is within the long wavelength emission, continuously emitting wavelength which is shorter than the excitation light. Up-conversion luminescence is essentially an Anti-Stokes light, which means the radiation energy is greater than the absorbed light. Up-conversion materials are mainly solid compounds doped with rare-earth elements, it can absorb multiple low energy long wave though the metastable level characteristics of rare-earth primary color, so as to make the invisible infrared light that people can not see to visible light

CNI provides 808 nm, 980 nm, 1532 nm and other wavelengths laser sources for up-conversion luminescence.


Infrared detection in visible light of infrared excitation, biomarker, long afterglow luminous warning signs, fire path signs or the interior
wall coating as a night light function and so on.

Application case:

Fudan Univeristy used CNI MDL-H-980 infrared laser for excitation source, and published article in Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica:

Preparation and Up-Conversion Photoluminescence Properties of GdAlO3:Er3+,Yb3+ Phosphor

Reference literature: Acta Phys. –Chim.Sin. 2014,30(4),773-780

Application case:

Changchun University of Science and Technology engineering research center of Photoelectric Functional Materials of Ministry of
Education, used CNI MDL-III-980 diode laser for excitation source, and published article in Acta Photonica Sinica: P
reparation and
Luminescence Property of Fluorophosphate Glass Ceramic Doped with Rare Earth Ions

Reference literature: ACTA PHOTONICA SINICAVol.37 Sup.1 November 2008

C-UC_1 C-laser system

Lasers for Up-conversion Luminescence

808nm laser
980nm laser
1532 nm laser
Fiber Spectrometer
808nm Laser 980nm Laser 1532nm Laser Fiber Spectrometer

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